In  Conversation with… Yash Gupta, Founder, Prime Thread.

What was the motivation behind your Startup and what is your startup all about? 

Founder of Prime Thread (Clothing Business) working on a niche market of graphic printing t-shirt, and we also do customized t-shirt printing for Corporate Offices, schools, institutions, restaurants, etc. We also deal in Amazon, Flipkart, and soon we will start our e-commerce website for clothing. I started this startup in 2019 from very scratch, and my initial investment was10000rs and then reinvested every amount which I earned, and now we have our machinery and equipment. We didn’t achieve many things yet, but we are on the way, and soon we will touch more heights and achieve our goals. Starting a business brings out many different emotions in entrepreneurs, including passion, excitement, and impatience. We have what we think is a great business idea, so we want to get started, hit the ground running, and see progress immediately. It’s often difficult to stop speeding ahead and take the process step-by-step, especially when some of the steps are tedious.

What were the challenges that you faced for the startup at the outset?

There are lots of challenges which I face like: 

Job Pressure by Family

Finding the right manufacturers

Betraying in Partnership (Select your partner carefully)

What are the challenges that you have faced during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Our Offline market is fully disrupted because we sell our customized T-shirts to Corporate Offices, schools, institutions, restaurants, etc. and these things are shut at the time of lockdown.

We only survive in this situation because of our online e-commerce orders, and there is another opportunity we found in the lockdown is a Face mask, and this is one of the most selling items in the lockdown.

 How do you see your digital presence growing, keeping in mind the current scenario? 

We all know the importance of the digital world in this present scenario, and it’s very important for a company’s growth and scalability as well. That’s why we sell our T-shirts in the online market also and receive a good customer response.

We are already working on our website, and soon we will launch our website with a unique idea. 

 What is your advice for emerging young entrepreneurs? 

Maybe I’m not the right person to advise anything to any young entrepreneurs because I’m the same age and still learning every day by facing real problems and experiences.

But I can share my experience with you which I learned in my startup journey:

Greater ideas need greater execution. Just take small steps every day and set your little goals and appreciate yourself when you achieve them. Self-motivation is the key to success. 

Do not find your motivation outside. You have to solve your puzzle. If your idea is perfect, Bootstrap first, then go for funding if it is necessary. Be a shameless person when you sell your product or any benefits which help your company. Don’t be an emotional fool when you are finding your business partner, it should be a multi-skilled person who will help you and support you in every difficulty. Sometimes it’s okay if everything is not going according to your plan. These things are temporary and come many times in your startup journey, but do not let your guard down. Just focus on your ultimate goals. 


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