In Conversation with… Vansh Pandita, Co-Founder & CEO, Elara Technologies.



Please help us know you better. (Your background)  

Previously worked as Product Strategist for a fast-growing media company called Richer Today. I started my own company at 13 & worked as Publisher. Scaled the company up to having more than 4000+ people in the network all along.

Tell us about your Elara Technologies. How did it all start? 

We were building a SaaS tool for simplifying the processes of content creation in newsletters but we pivoted when we got the idea to create a new kind of inbox that makes newsletter consumption more social.

How has your journey been so far?

The journey has been very good. We have got a positive response from everyone that we have talked to and shown our product sketches. We are working as hard as we can to bring people a new kind of social experience that they are always going to cherish.

You would have faced many challenges as a part of this journey. What motivates you to keep striving?

The ability to solve a problem with my skills and create something out of this year that did not exist before excites me and makes me work every single day. My team & co-founders are wonderful people & with them, every single day is just fun at work.

How is the competitive scenario in the industry you operate in? 

Our main competition is sleeping. We are competing with a lot of companies in the media space but are truly unique in our very own category.

The pandemic has affected many businesses. What are the immediate challenges your business faced, and how do you plan to overcome them?

The business that we are running got started in the Pandemic. So we did not face an immediate challenge.

Looking back at your entrepreneurial journey, is there something you feel you could have done differently? 

I would have talked to as many people as possible and get them to take a short survey regarding the product with non-functional prototypes instead of working full MVPs because coding these MVPs takes a lot of time.  

What would be your advice to all the budding entrepreneurs?

Make sure to get a high-quality team for your startup. Do as many interviews and pairing tests as possible but make sure to get the right people on board. Talent makes or breaks a startup, so make sure to give it a proper thought.


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