In Conversation with… Sunita Jain, Founder, Om Display.



Your Name 

Sunita Jain

Your company Name?

Om Display

No. of employees in your company


Your industry

Packaging industry

What would you like to advise young business leaders?

Do not focus on making a quick buck. Set long-term goals and work on achieving them. Your motivations should be clear. Have a plan in mind. It is okay to fail. It is more important to understand what went wrong and try again.

What are your views on starting your own business?

If you are interested in making money, do not start a business. 

It is for those with an entrepreneurial spirit and for those who want independence or who aspire to bring about real change.

Where could you see your company in 5 years?

Our focus has been on the jewellery industry. We intend to expand into different Industries and fulfil their packaging needs. I am optimistic about the future because companies and brands better understand the importance of their product’s packaging.

What is the goal of your company?

To become a company that generates the most value for all its stakeholders.

How will your industry evolve in the next five years?

I feel the industry will experience more competition in the coming years. As brands better understand the value of packaging, the industry will grow more lucrative and attract more competition. It will become imperative for businesses to keep coming up with fresh and relevant ideas to keep attracting clientele.

Tell us about the new products in your industry.

Eco-friendly products have gained more prominence, especially with new businesses. New forms of material like seed paper, eco-friendly fabrics are being developed.

Let us know about your journey and your initial hurdles.

I was the first woman in this industry 20 years ago. Being a woman with no prior business experience, I faced more challenges than one would expect. I was hungry and ambitious to learn and learned everything about running a business and my industry from scratch. My initial motivations were to provide for my family, but it was the excitement of running a business that got me going.


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