In Conversation with… Sukhveer Singh, CEO, Human Potential and Growth.

Please help us know you better. 

I am an Electronics and Communication Engineer by background.

Tell us about your business venture. How did it all start? 

Human Potential and Growth is a personal development company. At our company, We believe in the existence of a world where every single person will be doing what he or she is passionate about and living a life of true freedom. But do to so we have to build a mindset that is free from the conventional way of thinking. This is what we do, we help people to replace conventional thinking with brand-new growth thinking. We conduct online/offline seminars, coaching programs, group coaching, start-up elite coaching. It all started in 2017 when I got fired from my job in a very professional way. That day leads me to decide to start a world-class organization and today our company is working in 7 Different countries.

How has your journey been so far?

The Journey has been full of excitement, fear, up and downs, and an amazing learning experience.

As an entrepreneur, you might have faced many challenges as a part of your journey. What motivates you to keep striving and never give up?

My Passion and work motivated me all the time. Since my work is all about helping people to develop a strong mindset to deal with difficult times. So having a strong mindset and my reasons, why I am doing what I am doing, kept me going.

How is the competitive scenario in the industry you operate in? 

In the industry where we work, we do not believe in Competition. We believe in abundance and co-creation for everyone. We believe that opportunity is abundant for all.

The pandemic has affected many businesses. What are the immediate challenges your business faced and how do you plan to overcome them?

Yes, the Pandemic has affected many businesses. But since our Business was already online from 2017, we did not face any huge difficulty. Achieved more growth since the pandemic. Last year our company achieved a growth of 466%. All because we adapted to change very quickly by doing more online activities. Where everyone was worried about the pandemic, we focused on how we can serve more people even in this time.

Looking back at your entrepreneurial journey, is there something you feel you could have done differently? 

I feel everything happens for a reason. But the one thing I feel I could have done differently is, to work on the marketing perspective. The way we sell. Which we are doing now actually.

What would be your advice to all the budding entrepreneurs?

The Best Advice I will give is this. Every day ask yourself this question, “How can I serve people in a better way today”. Remember it is all about service. When you deliver a service that solves problems you will get paid for it in abundance. Always keep the service at its best.


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