In Conversation with… Sukhdeep Singh, Founder, Rawhood.



What was the motivation behind your Startup and what is your startup all about?

The founder’s personal need and experiments for healthy eating solutions during his hectic corporate job inspired him to start the brand Rawhood. Rawhood is World’s 1st completely raw and natural instant food brand. Our food products are Raw (uncooked and have max nutrition), yet instant. What makes us different and the world’s 1st is that we are not restricted to healthy snacking but also meals. We are into Indian gravy and pasta sauces and are in the process of getting into more categories.

What are the challenges that you have faced during the Covid-19 pandemic?

We started as a cloud kitchen brand in March 2020 and just a week before the nationwide lockdown. We were quick to realize the possible challenges, hence, we rapidly innovated and pivoted to launch packaged food in November 2020.

What were the financial challenges that you faced from the start-up at the outset?

It is a bootstrapped startup with healthy gross margins. As such we have not faced any financial challenges, however, we are in the process of fundraising to grow fast and achieve our ambitious plans. We plan to expand outside India.

How do you see your digital presence growing, keeping in mind the current scenario?

At present, we have kept our digital marketing budget restricted. However, in the future, we see this as a key driver for the business since we are a digital D2C brand. 

What is your advice for emerging young entrepreneurs?

Start this journey if the reason you want to become an entrepreneur is passion. 


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