In Conversation with… Suhas Hydur, Owner, Hydur Plantations.



Your Name?

Suhas Hydur.

What is your Business / Company name?

Hydur Plantations.

Your capacity in the company?


What is your advice to the young leaders?

Work harder and smarter.

What are your views on starting your own business for the ones who dream?

Always wanted to do that.

What was your inspiration to enter the industry, and Who were the people that inspired you?

Business leaders like Ambani’s.

Tell us some books/references that you feel young business leaders should read.

Business Maharajas book.

Tell us a bit about your field of work?

We deal with coffee plantations and do it organically

Why this industry?

It is ancestral business.

Some of the things which no one knows about the industry you are a part of?

It’s tough, especially the manual part. Every bean has to be given special care.

Tell us a bit about your story.

The way I grew up and the part of the country had a very huge impact on me, which is why I am keeping the tradition alive with the old methods providing exceptional taste and quality.


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