In Conversation with… Subhash Rana, Founder & CEO, One 17 Technologies.



Please tell us about your business. 

One17 is an enthusiastic organization that believes in the equality to grow together. Our Organizational values make us different from others and create the best place to work or collaborate. 

In One17 Technologies we as a team of tech & marketing enthusiasts helping Startups & Stable Businesses to get off the ground by providing services like Zero Infra Cost App Development(*), Zero Cost Business Analysis(*), Low-Cost Digital Marketing(*), Business Consultancy, Zero Cost (*) Services to Startups like Mentorship, Idea Development, Business Plan Development, Investor Pitch Creation, Incubator Services, etc. 

Also, we are going to launch our very first product into the market named “Petuk Ji”. It’s an online Food Ordering & Delivery Marketplace designed to help users to easily compare food with a various aspect that is not there with competition and to order food from their favorite restaurants near them with lower price & confirmed hygiene factor. On the other hand, we are providing Zero Commission food delivery options to food joints without hampering our revenue modal and this will increase the profitability of food joints that will result in delivery with improved quality food at a lower price. More features and services are there that can’t be covered in one place. 

Our next product is in line that will help startups in various factors. 

Our Mission: Ensuring our growth through the growth of our business partners by providing low and genuine priced services into the Market. 

Our Vision: Want to be Robin Hood in Food Ordering & Delivery Marketplace.

What inspired you to start your own business?

In December 2018, despite having 15+ years of experience in IT & Product Marketing, I lost my job due to a merger of two big companies. At that time many talented people lost their jobs, I don’t know if I was talented or not 🙂 but I think I was a talented employee of that company because I served there for 8 years and also got promotions. Now back to the point 60% of surviving people were not as capable as others who lost their job. 

That was a turning point in my life. I took feedback on why this happened and started my journey as an entrepreneur to make an organization where people can work with their knowledge, not by policies. 

Due to having a good interest in the food sector, I chose to start my restaurant with a vision to make a chain of it that resulted in the launch of my first restaurant named Smugglers Aroma Cafe & Restaurant in Jan2019. 

In One Year we started 3 cloud kitchens as well named biryani graam, Thali bank & Tandoori Knights and start approaching people for frenches we found few people who showed their interests as well but again BAD LUCK or GOOD LUCK don’t know what kind of that luck 🙂 but COVID BABA came and all got to vanish. End of Restaurant journey due to various factors. 

Again at the same place.. Did I fail, I thought BIG NO, it has to be like this, maybe this is happening because my fortune is somewhere else.

 Again I took feedback, found mistakes that I did, did a market survey and after getting anything done I found reasons why restaurant owners are surviving to run their business. Why my business shut down, despite low orders and the bad market, still food aggregators are generating revenue. 

After doing deep market research I found what I need to do and why I can do it in a better way. 

As I already said there is no failure but the fact is that there is no failure if you think you have not failed yet. Hence with the same mindset, I started the journey in broadway and started One17 Technologies that deals in Food Ordering & Delivery Market Place that is our product cum service, and apart from this we also deal in app development and digital marketing.

Where do you see your company in the next 5 years?

PAN India Coverage with our major product Petuk Ji. IT & digital marketing coverage over PAN India, Indonesia, and Nepal

What would you like to advise young business owners? Is there any book/reference that you feel budding entrepreneurs should read?

Mistakes are nothing but a way to learn. Mistakes are necessary to grow faster. I made tons of mistakes but gained a lot of experience. 

Few mistakes I would like to share that any new entrepreneur usually makes.

Run to get funding from the market and get disappointed while they don’t get it. 

Suggestion – don’t run for that, keep in mind only 2% of people get funding from investors. You need to pitch at least 200+ people, you have to see 100+ rejections in the first shot. That is a way you will learn how to pitch to get funded but my friend does all these once you are there into the market with some traction. No issue there is loss or profit. Focus on what you are doing. Keep trying to the incubator at first then slowly start approaching investors but not like a mad 

Despite focusing on business, the major focus goes to the pitch deck. 

Suggestion – don’t run how to make a pitch deck, no pitch deck is perfect, it’s you that makes it perfect. You can convince a person in the first 3 slides and the first 3-5 min if you get a chance to demo. 

Entrepreneurs think without having experienced people & enough money that they can’t get the work done. 

Suggestion – this is not the truth, it’s upon you how you take it. There is everything you need to explore. You won’t believe that I got my project done with interns. 16 odd people were working with me at that time. And trust me there was a big monetary loss when the restaurant shut down. I had nothing except my laptop and me. I started and completed 30% of my project on my own by seeing that people started joining me. Later on, I became successful in arranging some money from small projects. so keep trying even after you don’t have anything

What could have made your journey a little easier? Is there any service/product or anything else that can make a difference in an entrepreneurs’ life?

Need skilled Co-founders as a team to handle a particular vertical and Investment for rapid growth.

Any motto you follow in your life?

There is no failure only feedback, hence continue your journey wisely

What are the things you enjoy in your leisure time?

Play PS games, Flying Kites, Time spend with family and friends, Trekking for a short vacation


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