In Conversation with… Siva Brahma Madras Kesava Kumar, Founder, ETH Constructions & Co-founder, Bonchum.



What is the primary work of your firm ETH Constructions?

End-to-end solutions for the construction sector. There are multiple works involved in building a home. We help real estate builders to hire plumbers, electricians, local laborers, etc . to speed up the process of construction. 

Tell us about your initial struggles?

Lack of plan to expand, lack of real estate contacts. 

Tell us about the competition in the market?

Ours is a unique business case, there is almost non-existent competition. We are just connecting people to make the construction sector efficient. Optimization of human resources is so important, look at China, with the help of humans, cost & plan optimization they are far ahead of us in real estate development.

Should one pursue his dream of having his own business/start-up? 

One should think independently and take wise steps as per one’s ability.

Did you guys try to get funds for your start-up?

No, not tried for funding yet. Frankly, we do not need it currently.

Any start-up idea that motivates you, which you want to try in the future?

No, not for now. There is already a lot of pending work in this start-up. We must optimize our website, make an android application and do a lot of tasks.


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