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All you need to do is set your goals and leave the technicalities to us. With our experienced team and consultants we can complete your plan affordably and effectively. We will align our management team towards a common set of goals, as we believe in “YOU GROW, WE GROW”.

What are the important aspects of writing a business plan?

  • Identifying critical gaps and validating the business model
  • Assess funds needed before you approach investors
  • Identify the perfect time when your business is ready to be pitched to investors
  • Provide a clear growth roadmap


Some have even been used by successful CEOs and Entrepreneurs

Investor plan

  • We help to provide innovative business models, detailed and accurate market research, scenario analysis and well-documented financial projections. This helps those seeking equity financing mainly from angel investors or capital firms.

Internal planning

  • Detailed annual business plans for internal planning, setting up sound business with multiple stakeholders (management team, Board of Directors, Advisory board, outside investors, department heads, remote office managers and directors and supply chain vendors) and getting the stakeholders on the same page.

Bank financing

  • Help in acquiring bank loans, Right mix of fund raising ,Time period for loan repayment.



  • Executive summary
  • Company overview
  • Products and services
  • Target market
  • Financial plan
  • Competition
  • Sales and market
  • Operations
  • Description of industry and market
  • Management and organization


  • 5 year projected balance sheets
  • Income statements
  • Cash flow statements
  • Sources table
  • Uses table

Our Business Plan will cover the following

1)  Company Overview and understanding of the Business Model

2)  Problem Statement and Challenges faced by consumers (Why will consumersuse us?)

3)  Mission and Vision Statement

4)  Business Model Workflow Chart / Description

5)  Key Performance Indicators for success of the Business

6)  Details of the Services and Products provided

7)  Detailed Pricing Structure (This would be covered as part of the financialmodel as well. If not, we would require your assistance  to formulate thepricing structure)

Market Overview

  • Opportunity and the Market Analysis justifying the demand for the service and potential for growth in the market
  • Competitor Analysis – Understanding the current players in the market who are providing similar services directly / indirectly, products offered, revenue growth, recent funding, etc.
  • Target Audience

Strategy & Implementation

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Strategy
  • SWOT Analysis
  1. 1 Financial Plan and Funding Required

(Information would be prepared during the financial model activity. Note: If Financial Model is not provided as a service, we would require your inputs for the estimates)

  • Projected Revenues
  • Funds Required and Utilization

Do You really need a business plan?

Yes, you do. Regardless of the possibility that you think you have a reasonable thought of how you will begin and build up your business, setting it out on paper compels you to be more goal and mindful to points of interest. It is human instinct to have a tendency to be idealistic about future plans.

How to use our business plans?

  1. Raise money from investors
  2. Bank financing
  3. Help secure grants and impress landlords or for Board of Director meetings
  4. Meet immigration requirements


What kind of companies do we write Plans for?

We have written Plans for startups, high growth firms and everything in between. Our clients have been involved in various industries like real estate, retail, consumer and business products and services, technology and software and many more.

We at Power2Startup operate under a “You know your business, we know Business Plans” banner. So, we are happy to accommodate all genres of businesses.

What if you have written a Business Plan and just need our help polishing?

We are happy to help! You can contact us to know hourly consulting options.

What is online business plan ?

Successful entrepreneurs know that getting the details down on paper is critical before starting any new . For help in the planning stages, many new owners use an online business plan service. Such services provide potential investors with details on how a new business will become profitable investors with details on how a new business will become profitable.

What if I want to make changes later?

Conditions change, and eventually you may wish to adjust your strategy for success to mirror those progressions. If your plan is just for internal use, there is nothing to stop you from changing and improving your plan; it is, in fact, good business sense to do so

What should my business plan look like?

Commonly, an arrangement will begin by defining out your business objectives. Next, it ought to give a thorough photo of your current money related state, and in addition emphatically grounded projections for future expenses and incomes. Following this, plot your present and future techniques, making a point to give data that will demonstrate that these methodologies are achievable and will convey you nearer to meeting your objectives