In Conversation with… Sanyam Vaish, Co-Founder, Finpire Capital Research Private Limited.



Your Name 

Sanyam Vaish

Your company Name?

Finpire Capital Research Private Limited

No. of employees in your company


Your industry

Investment Advisory and legal consultancy

What would you like to advise young business leaders?

My advice to youngsters is to follow their passion. No matter how much time it will take you to succeed, one day you will achieve the goal. And you will be proud of yourself

What are your views on starting your own business?

I believe in this fintech era, there are a lot of opportunities in India that we can capture. Our mission is to educate small investors and grow their wealth.

Where could you see your company in 5 years?

Our competitors are big firms like India filings, Paytm money, and stockbrokers. We have a target of collecting more than 50 crores of Asset Under Management. And to educate new investors about markets. And offer innovative investment products.

What is the goal of your company?

To educate small investors and businessmen, and help them generate good returns on their investments and grow their businesses

Tell us some books/references that you feel young business leaders should read.

I would suggest they read ‘RICH DAD POOR DAD’ which can be life-changing.

How will your industry evolve in the next 5 years?

The stock market is going up every day, interest rates are falling. People are getting to educate. We have more than 95 percent of the population who are still not aware of the investment. There is a lot of room to grow.

Tell us about the new products in your industry.

We deal in investment advisory in stocks, mutual funds and help small businesses filing their compliances like income tax, GST, and corporate regulatory filings.

Let us know about your journey and your initial hurdles.

I am a CA by profession. During my studies, I was very good at this subject. I started with being a small sub stockbroker, and now I have started my research analyst firm and investment advisory firm. This is the area where I believe I can achieve something big. As the world is going digital, and investment advisory through the digital area has a lot of space to grow. We are facing a lot of competitive pressure from big players like Paytm and IndiaFilings. Though we are focusing on our product and marketing lately, we hope we will pass these barriers.


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