In Conversation with… Sanjeev Kumar, CEO&Founder, DigiLeap.



Can you help us know about yourself?

I am a Digital Marketer with 9 years of experience and have worked with 80+ companies so far globally. I have worked with almost all the verticals.

Can you please tell us about DigiLeap’s marketing services?

We at DigiLeap Marketing services enhance the Digital Footprint of startups and help them in scaling up their businesses using end-to-end Digital Marketing services.

 How do you think the industry niche in which your business operates has evolved? In what direction do you see the industry moving in the future?

It’s a high-paying industry,, During the Pandemic time, companies across the globe have understood the importance of Digital Marketing and now every company is going for that. The future is bright for Digital Marketers in India.

How do you view the competition in the industry/niche that you operate in?

Competition is severe as anyone with a laptop and internet is calling him a Digital Marketer nowadays but there is a lack of good quality Digital Marketers in India.

What are the immediate challenges that your business faces during covid? How do you plan to overcome it?

It is not just during Covid but in general, people need to understand that there is no magic and proper marketing takes a little time to showcase good results.

How do you build an effective team to work along with you?

We as a company don’t believe in micro-management. We have around 8-10 employees working with us and we have given ownership for their work and made them understand why it is important to do the work perfectly and also shown them the bigger picture. We also have knowledge-sharing sessions so that everybody is updated and on the same page.

If there is one thing that you need to change in your professional journey so far, what would it be?

I should have started my company a little earlier, I started it in my 30’s which I would have liked to start in my early 20’s.

What is your message for any aspiring entrepreneurs?

Don’t ever give up. You need to identify what your passion is and just follow it, Success and money will be the by-product of your hard work.


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