In Conversation with… Raju Sunaria, Owner, Sunaria industries.



Your Name 

Raju Sunaria

Your company Name?

Sunaria industries

No. of employees in your company


Your industry

Auto industry

What would you like to advise young business leaders?

Get experienced and start buildings your dreams

What are your views on starting your own business?

It’s a lot of hustle. Initially, I had to manage business funds and family expenses. It was tough.

Where could you see your company in 5 years?

Capturing maximum market share in the auto parts industry

What is the goal of your company?

It is to provide the best quality auto parts which are reasonable also to the market.

Tell us some books/references that you feel young business leaders should read.

Tool of titans

How will your industry evolve in the next five years?

It’s going to electric vehicle-based.

Tell us about the new products in your industry.

We are working on electrical vehicle parts.

Let us know about your journey and your initial hurdles.

Initially, I worked in an auto spare part factory, but I always wanted to set up my own business. I worked there for 16 years, and then I started hustling for my own business. My family member helped me, supported me in this, and in 2008, I started my business officially.


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