In conversation with… Raina De, Founder, Cheethi; Marque & Brew.

Let us know about your journey. 

I launched Marque & Brew in August 2020 and was fortunate enough to have landed my first 2 clients before launching. We’ve been growing steadily despite the pandemic and have worked with clients in India, UK, and Europe. I launched CHEETHI in Feb 2021 and we are launching a new feature in August.CHEETHI is definitely exploring an untapped market and we will move for investment soon. 

What is your startup all about?

Marque & Brew is a brand consulting firm, Cheethi is a digital time capsule.

What were the challenges that you faced for the start-up at the outset? 

I believe how society looks at a 24-year-old entrepreneur proved to be mine. biggest challenge. I have had to prove again and again that my age or experience aren’t hindrances to the quality of my service. 

Thankfully, I’ve been able to navigate through it.

Was COVID 19 a bane or boon for your firm and how? 

The startups started in the middle of a pandemic. Doing everything online can be challenging. A dwindling economy doesn’t help either. But perhaps people from other cities and countries would not have been as open to working with a brand consulting firm based in Kolkata were it not for a global WFH scene. So, that helped!

How do you see your digital presence growing, keeping in mind the current scenario? 

I don’t care much about our digital presence, to be honest. I am not saying it’s not important, it’s just not a priority for us right now. I maintain my personal presence digitally and that helps with the businesses. 

What is the ultimate goal of your company? 

That’s a very vague question as it’s a company and little is in your hands in the long run. But more importantly, because the pandemic has taught us that plans aren’t worth much. I take one day at a time and put my everything into each day. That’s all. 

What is your advice for emerging young entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurship cannot be your plan B. 

Don’t do it because of the recognition it bestows (it’s not enough). 

Don’t do it for the wealth it might bring (at the expense of mental peace). 

Don’t do it because you hate your boss (unless your startup helps find the right boss). 

Don’t do it because that “mediocre” guy from school just got funded (instead, take a character development course). 

Don’t do it because you have good ideas (ideas are cheap). 

Don’t do it to be your own boss (everyone ends up answerable to someone). 

Do it because you really truly absolutely cannot imagine yourself doing anything else. Running a company is very hard (imagine being responsible for someone else’s rent, food, and health), so if you are not sure, 

please don’t hop on the bandwagon – you won’t last. 

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