In Conversation with… Preeti Vyas, Founder, Vyas Giannetti Creative

How do you see theprogress of the company in the next five years from now? 

The future is digital. Ever since the pandemic hit us, we have seen the usage of digital media rise exponentially. For us too, the future will be in digital and new media. We have already built capabilities over the last five years. From doing more websites & apps to creating digital-led communication & working on other digital-innovation projects, VGC will be making a strong foray into this space. And while we explore new trends & capabilities, we will continue to stay true to doing what we’re great at – Building great brands and launching them successfully. Even fifty years from now, there will be a huge demand for strategy-led branding exercises, multi-media brand communication, and design thinking consultation, and VGC will be right at the center of it all. 

 What were your initial struggles?

As a creative agency starting in 1997, promoting ourselves was one of the initial struggles. Today it is easy to leverage the internet and spread awareness of your brand, but back then it was a different ball game. For us, it was key to let our work speak for itself and also to work with like-minded entrepreneurs with big visions. Only when you have a big vision can you take a chance (speaking here in the context of brands). We were lucky to have worked with great clients initially and even continue some of those relationships until now. 

What is your view on startups in the current age?

It is great to see so many people follow their passions and try to make a difference through their enterprises. And as the number of startups grows, the support infrastructure around them also seems to expand. We are also seeing a change in the kind of startups that are popping up. Earlier, say five to ten years ago, there were mostly tech-driven startups, however today you will see these companies straddleacross nearly every sector. We also have a few unicorns out of India, which is encouraging for younger entrepreneurs. To sum it up, I think that the number of startups and their support infrastructure is only going to grow year on year and this is a good thing for our country. 

 What advice would you like to give to young startup enthusiasts?

As clichéd as it may sound, it would be to follow their dreams and chase their passions. You never know what you are capable of achieving until you try. Start with a vision, do your research, test the waters and then go out there and get started. With the support systems, funding, and information that entrepreneurs have access to, now is the best (and in comparison with the past – easiest) time to launch your start-up. 

How does VGC stand out in the competition to the rest of the market?

Unlike most other creative agencies, we have a strategy-driven approach to every one of our projects. This involves an in-depth immersion phase, which helps us mine insights that we then use for branding, design, or communication. 

It serves as a strong foundation for any creative solution and is built to stand the test of time & navigate highly competitive markets. Apart from this, our body of work speaks for itself. We have been around for nearly a quarter of a century and have launched some of the most memorable brands in existence. And through all these projects and exercises, our DNA has remained the same. We work as partners and work very closely with our clients to go beyond briefs to help them achieve high levels of success.

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