In Conversation with… Pranav P V, Founder, Squadfitt.



Please help us know you better. (Your background)  

I’m the founder of Squadfitt, a free fitness platform that connects clients to the best suitable fitness trainers, according to their fitness goals & budget. I’m from an engineering background who then switched to the startup space. Right from my college days, I always had this entrepreneurial spirit to look out for problems and solve them with a feasible solution. I’m an avid fitness enthusiast and Squadfitt is my fourth venture.

Tell us about your business venture. How did it all start? 

Squadfitt is a fitness platform that connects clients to fitness trainers, according to their fitness goals and budget. The aim is to connect clients with the most suitable fitness trainers who will help them identify their fitness goals, design an exercise program that fits their needs and guide them through every exercise, every workout. I’m very much into the fitness space and realized that many good trainers are having a hard time reaching out to their audience base, similarly clients are having a hard time finding a suitable trainer that fits their goals or budget. That’s when I decided to launch Squadfitt to bridge this gap. The company started in 2020, is fully bootstrapped, and is providing its services in the Delhi-NCR region.

How has your journey been so far?

The journey has been great. It’s an ongoing process of learning and rightfully implementing those learnings. Since we started last year, we have now onboarded 20+ fitness trainers, trained 200+ clients to attain a healthy physique, and have also introduced 4 new fitness segments for clients to choose from. The journey has been nothing less than a roller-coaster ride with ups and downs, but this is what makes entrepreneurship all the more thrilling.

What does a day in your life look like?

I start my day with a daily scheduled team meeting, wherein we decide on the tasks that we have in hand and divide them according to their priority. Most of the day goes on determining and implementing various business strategies. Now and then, I make sure to speak to our trainer’s team to understand their problems or to hear out any insights that they have to provide. This is followed by speaking to a few customers to listen to their feedback.

How is the competitive scenario in the industry you operate in? 

The fitness segment is booming with a lot many players coming up with unique concepts. The introduction of concepts like AI and app-based platforms has turned around the business. Also, the last two years have witnessed more and more people switching to a healthy lifestyle, realizing the importance of working out daily and following a good diet plan. The pandemic has made people realize the importance of a healthy lifestyle, thus the market is growing and is calling out for more unique and powerful concepts.

As an entrepreneur, you might have faced many challenges as a part of your journey. What motivates you to keep striving and never give up?

Entrepreneurs face many challenges in today’s ultra-competitive business world. Business growth takes time, patience, a lot of hard work, and great resilience. However, throughout the process, one can motivate oneself by leveraging various mind tricks. I believe that developing a strong purpose that goes beyond money and being emotionally connected with it is very important. Also, I try to focus more on the journey and not the result.

Having a good team can make or break a start-up. What are your thoughts on building an effective team?

Collaboration within a group can help solve difficult problems. Team brainstorming helps to exchange ideas and come up with creative ways of doing things. By working together, teams can find the solutions that work best. A good core team is thus very important during the early stages of business building. It all comes down to having people who understand each other and work well together.

The pandemic has affected many businesses. What are the immediate challenges your business faced and how do you plan to overcome them?

Some of our team members and their immediate loved ones had caught the covid fever. We faced a serious shortage of staff for a few days. These times were very difficult, but we made sure to support each other and prioritize the health and mental well-being of the team. Our business model is in an online format, with minimal direct interactions, which helped in maintaining social distancing without the business getting affected. We as a team did everything in our power to keep things running smoothly and seamlessly.

Looking back at your entrepreneurial journey, is there something you feel you could have done differently? 

It’s useful to think about the entrepreneurial journey as an exciting trip or other adventure. It’s also an ongoing learning process. In my first venture, proper market research and studying the business segment was not taken seriously or given much importance, which directly impacted the whole business building process. I rectified that mistake and implemented the learnings into my other ventures.

What would be your advice to all the budding entrepreneurs?

Every entrepreneurial journey is unique; no two individuals will experience it in the same way. Along the way, you will find opportunities and risks coupled with challenges and rewards. Developing a venture can be an exciting and act I have experience. It is also a lot of hard work, which can be equally rewarding and enjoyable. It is very important to stay focused and not to lose patience.



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