In Conversation with… OM Prakash, Owner, New Berco Electronics.



The name of your Company?

New Berco electronics(exclusive store). We provide good quality electronic appliances to customers and we have been in this business for a very long time

Your industry?


Any piece of advice for young Entrepreneurs?

Always start a business with financial backup. You should have a buffer with you because it is all about risk and this is a tough industry to work in. Hence you should be financially sound, that is the most important piece of advice.

Where do you see your company in 5 years?

It all depends on the market situation as pandemic has come we all have been at losses. Hence nothing is certain and we have to consider the market and the economy before predicting our 5 years.

What is the ultimate goal of your company?

 Our most important goal is to have Maximum growth in this industry and become the leaders in the market and have great customer satisfaction because business is all about networking.

Let us know about your journey and your initial hurdles.

 There is a difference between Online and offline platforms, offline is fine but initially online has reduced the margin and reduced profit. And one must take care of the channels before expanding your business.


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