In Conversation with… Oindrila Das, Founder, Takhleeq Theatre Group



Could you please describe your professional background

 I hold a master’s degree from TISS, Mumbai in Social Work (Criminology and Justice). Since then, I have worked with various social sectors to improve the quality of life of marginalized people.

Please provide us a brief description of your company. 

Takhleeq Theatre Group, as the name suggests, is a theatre group. However, we engage ourselves in various forms of expressive arts besides theatre. We conduct acting, writing, scripting, photography workshops for people, and also perform original plays (written by our team member). 

Who inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

 There wasn’t an inspiration per se. My friend and I back in college just once a day discussed our interests. He always had a knack for theatre and is an artist who writes and makes music. I, on the other hand, loved theatre and the production work that came with it. Together, we made the perfect team and that’s how Takhleeq Theatre Group came into being in 2016. From just a conversation over tea in a college canteen.

Where could you see your company in 5 years?

Probably well recognized for the kind of experiments we like to do with performance arts. Winning META. Performing across the country.  

How did you come up with this idea?

I have already answered the two questions above.  

Any piece of advice for young entrepreneurs

If it’s something you love doing, it’s worth doing. Yes, it can be a little precarious so it’s always good to take along a backup plan but at least give it a shot. It will require a lot of hard work and time but be patient.    

The ultimate goal of your company

To bridge the gap between elitism in theatre and it is a form of expression for anyone. The founders of the group come from a social sciences background. As a result, whatever we engage in, we believe it should be accessible to everyone through any means. We also acknowledge and believe in the power of arts making a difference in people’s lives. Our ultimate goal will be to take it back to ground zero where people can create and express themselves in their way.

What are the strengths of your company?

 All of us (founders and co-founders) have a background in social sciences along with our specialization in particular art forms. That makes a well-rounded team that is also sensitive towards what is happening in society.

How is your company tackling the pandemic situation?

For now, we have taken everything online. Our workshops, rehearsals, meetings. Although a little slow-paced, we are working well. 


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