In Conversation with… Nitu Sinha, Co- founder, Headhunting Pte Ltd


Let us know about your journey and your initial hurdles. 

My journey so far has been very enriching. I have learned a lot more than I could have learned being part of any of the corporate giants. 

I have been part of big organizations, where things are much defined and extremely structured, sometimes overly complex but one does learn within this framework as well. However, when you start your own 

a company there are so many new things one must learn, like accounting, marketing, business development, 

commercial negotiations, contracting, legal and regulations, etc. which one would never get to learn all of 

these in a structured environment. This does expand one’s horizon and one does discover the hidden talents 

and skill sets. 

The major challenge every start-up face is acquiring new clients. To make new clients believe that your firm can add more value than the incumbents is the most difficult part. It’s important to gain the trust of the client and work on relationships. There will always be that one person who believes in you and gives you your first project which you work on successfully and things start falling into place from there. It’s also important to hire the right people and being an HR professional, I understand its importance a lot. One can never do everything alone. It’s important to have an army if you are to win a war. So, hire the right people, 

who belief in your business and vision and together you can take it to the “moon” and beyond. 

 What are your views on starting your own business? 

It’s an enriching journey. You are in the driving seat, and you are responsible for steering the company in the right direction. Every day, there are some wins and there are some mistakes. 

You learn from the mistakes and move on to make things better. If you believe in the idea, then go ahead and build the solution and start monetizing it. This may grow up to be a venture where employment and 

business can be generated, resulting in a bigger social impact. 

What is the ultimate goal of your company? 

The ultimate goal/vision of my company is to create value for both clients and candidates. 

Tell us about the new products in your industry. 

Given the current pandemic situation, a lot of talent hunt is moving to virtual and companies adopting a 

work from anywhere culture. We are working closely with clients and candidates to ensure that they are getting the right talent matches and employees can operate effectively without being physically available in offices. 

Work from anywhere and remote talent is the new normal. Further given the current closure of borders, 

there has been a huge talent crunch in Singapore. So, getting the right profiles in the required budget has been tougher than before. We have an extensive database of candidates and contacts within the industry as we are backed and advised by industry leaders. Therefore, we have been successfully placing candidates 

by leveraging the network. 

 Where could you see your company in 5 years? 

To be the go-to recruitment agency for all talent needs for growth companies in the APAC region. With the head office being in Singapore, I want the operations to be expanded to SEA, ANZ, UAE, and India. 

How will your industry evolve in the next 5 years? 

Well, AI is everywhere, and it is the future. 

• Using AI to screen and identify candidates 

• Video resumes and video interviews 

• Using data to fine-tune JDs so that the JD attracts the right target market. 

The above are a few examples of what the future of recruitment would be. However, I do believe that human touch is still very important, and humans connect when they speak to each other. So having a face

the to-face interview will still be important and powerful. 

What would you like to advise young business leaders? 

I think for every business leader when they decide to start their venture, there are a million forces 

which are against, including our minds, which highlights to us the “What ifs”. 

However, it’s important to get past that mindset. If you have an idea which you believe in and an 

insatiable hunger to be at it and make it a success, then you need to come out of your comfort zone and 

take the plunge to entrepreneurship

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