In Conversation with… Manish Chaudhary, Founder, MINKOOS.



Let us know about your journey and your initial hurdles.


Whether it is presenting a monthly review, financial report to the company top management, or presenting a start-up business idea to potential investors, making a convincing presentation is a crucial task for every professional is it an entrepreneur, marketing trainee, or CEO. Despite this, well-drafted decks are tough to come by. After experiencing illogically designed important presentations and business documents in different organizations by key professionals, Manish Chaudhary has decided to train individuals and corporates in the art of presentation. Due to ‘bad’ designs, many times have seen people wasting their time in discussion of non-core issues of business skipping major areas of business. Most of the time, it was realized that either the person having an idea doesn’t have the skill of design or they don’t want to spend their time in drafting. This challenge led to his start-up called Minkoos. Before setting up Minkoos, Manish has worked with multiple corporates for more than 15 years. Throughout his career, Analytics and strategic business planning was the core area of his job. Manish helped many customers as a consultant while working with corporates. Finally, he quit his job and formally launched the start-up in Nov 2019. Today, Minkoos is based in Ahmedabad has served more than 400 clients globally. The entire venture is self-funded and recently incubated at Atal Incubation Center located within Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad. Even while Covid19 & lockdown duration, Minkoos have sustained with an exciting growth rate.

What are your views on starting your own business?

It’s always good to ride on the wave of own interest. Passion for design & self-experienced challenges while professional career was the core reason for starting own business.

What is the ultimate goal of your company?

We want to provide easy access for any individual to avail best in class design solutions for their business or personal needs

Tell us about the new products in your industry.

Fast-changing design preferences and more innovative concepts

Where could you see your company in 5 years?

From avg 40 customers per month, will become capable of service over 400 customers per month in next 5 years. We are working on capacity building for the same.

How will your industry evolve in the next 5 years?

In India, it’s INR 180 Bn industry & growing with approx 11% CAGR every year


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