In Conversation with… Malireddy Rajasekhar, Founder, MeeBuddy.



Tell us about your initial struggles?

It was a very new idea. We were working for the farmers. Farming is the most followed profession in India, so many people earn their daily wages from farming. Most of the farmers were not educated, So, explaining to them our business concept was too difficult. We had to collaborate with local people. We help farmers to get fertilizers, pesticides, let them know about the best weather conditions for Kharif crops, and give them money. Once the crop is ready, we help farmers to sell in the open market at a market rate and we get money. We also have the support of the local government.

What is the most important thing for a start-up to succeed?

Patience, understanding of the customer needs market research, ability to collaborate with private and public institutions. 

What you advise to people, having a start-up or working in a firm?

Take risks in life. It’s a very individualistic choice.

In life, your decisions determine your destiny.

What type of regulations are there in this industry? Share some perspectives, please?

Few government bodies opposed us, as it was against the existing supply chain market, that existed for a long time. We have taken few steps against the local governing bodies, to better the existing supply chain infrastructure. As a result, there were few clashes. Both we were gradually able to convince local authorities.

Did you guys try to get funds for your start-up?

No, We have a good revenue source. We don’t need funds 

Any start-up idea that motivates you, which you want to try in the future?

No, not for now. My start-up is already doing good, and I must make it big.


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