In Conversation with… Maitreyee Kaushik, Founder, Reyin


1. Please tell us about what your start-up is?

I started Reyin in 2019 to bring affordable luxury and international standards to the Indian audience. All of the products we craft are unique, sustainable, and follow the belief that ‘what looks good, should also do good’. At Reyin, each of our products blends form and function expressing love for the environment and making your every meal beautiful.


2. What are the hurdles that your start-up faced in the initial stage?


Possibly the most important challenge you’ll face as a start-up Founder is securing funding for the business. 


3. How important is teamwork in starting any start-up and how would you describe your team?

A Business idea is undoubtedly about a group of people coming together to create and grow a solid organization. That is why seamless teamwork and coordination are as essential as tangible resources in building a successful start-up. We have been very lucky in this dimension, to have a team that is a supportive, collaborative unit that brings variety to the table without sacrificing cohesion. Everyone doing their part while supporting one another and working towards a common goal is a blessing to have! 


4. What differentiates your start-up from other players in the market?

We are a customer’s brand! We are trying to fill the gaps that every kitchen, dining, and home has, in a designer, durable and affordable way! Our focus is on the quality and uniqueness of our products, our priority is to provide an extremely smooth shopping experience and even smoother post-shopping assistance to the customers. We may not be for everybody, but for people who are looking for that type of experience — they’ll choose us!


5. What were the setbacks that your start-up faced because of Covid-19?


2020 has been a particularly difficult year for all businesses, including us. We in our very first year faced the world-altering effects of COVID-19 changing the way people live and businesses operate. We soon realized that people will be switching to online shopping more than ever. We indeed hit on the bull’s eye with our planning and strategies and hence the Covid phase turned out to be a blessing in disguise for us.


6. What does the future of your venture look like in the coming years?

I can see Reyin mark its presence globally. It will be available in the Domestic Retail and International E-commerce by the fourth quarter of 2021. We are all set to diversify our collection to the Home Furnishings and Décor as well by later this year. 

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