In Conversation with… Jitesh Kumar Thakur, Founder, ChatBuck.

Tell us about the intention behind Chatbuck, how it differs from the competition

International messenger applications cannot be trusted ant more. Social media applications take away user data and sell user data to marketing companies. So, there was an alarming need for an Indian trusted application.

Data is becoming costlier day by day, privacy is at stake, In the 21st-century data is the new oil.

What is the most important thing for a start-up to succeed?

Believe in oneself and thorough research about the market is very important before taking the risk of starting one’s own start-up journey.

What you advise to people, having a start-up or working in a firm?

It’s a personal choice but before trying to have one’s own venture, self believes to rise in life is very important. 

What is unique about your start-up?

It’s safer than many messaging applications available on the play store. Nowadays, when we back up our messages on WhatsApp everything gets stored in the google cloud, sometimes user shares their email password and other very private data with closed ones, In chatbuck, everything will be stored on chat buck cloud. We have our own cloud space to store user data. 

Did u guys try to get funds for your start-up?

We have approached 7- 8 investors till now. MTS Global has shown interest in investing in our firm and it is still in process.

How have you planned to scale up in the next few years?

Improving user experience and getting their trust is our end goal. If we get funds in time, we will touch upon 1 million users by Dec 2021 and around 5 million users by end of 2022. It all depends on branding and promotion with the invested capital.

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