In Conversation with… Himanshu Singh Rawat, CEO, Shri Ji Shringar.



Your Name.

Himanshu Singh Rawat

Business / Company name.

Shri Ji Shringar

Your capacity in the company.


What is your advice to the young leaders?

Don’t Follow the old Leaders and look for inspiration in them, make your own mistakes forge your path.

What are your views on starting your own business for the ones who dream?

It’s not at all easy, so don’t even try for the sake of trying.

What was your inspiration to enter the industry, and Who were the people that inspired you?

Like I said, earlier we should not follow the old leaders for inspiration, I stand by those words. I came because I wanted to.

Tell us some books/references that you feel young business leaders should read.

There is no book of course in the world that can teach you to Lead but if you become worthy enough that you can make others believe in your cause, then you don’t have to learn.  

Tell us a bit about your field of work.

I am a Psychology Major Postgrad, and after that, I went into research, then I specialized in Consumer Behaviour, and through that, I came to see its use in Marketing. Then I realized this is the best possible way forward. I Make Strategies, Do Research, and I am also learning to use it all to perfect my Optimisation skills.

Why this industry?

Because I feel this where all the action takes place, it’s the Frontline of the warzone between all the companies in the market, and for every product or service, a company offers Marketers are the frontline forces who handle it firsthand.

Some of the things which no one knows about the industry you are a part of?

Our industry isn’t as truthful as it seems we the marketers are like Supernatural beings who can deceive people, and some of us, the most powerful who possess god-level Skills, can bend, create and change the reality around consumers.

Tell us a bit about your story.

It’s a long story but let me summarise it in a few words

“Made my own choice – Exploring- Learning – Get Enlighten- Level up- no compromise – choose my battles wisely- made my path- achieved every single thing on my own – Still exploring the unknown Breaking my limit every single day.

Where do you see your company in 5 years, and the ultimate goal of the company to achieve?

According to our targeted projections, we will be organically making more than 2-4 lakh rupees in sales per month by that time but we are aiming for more than that to happen in that time frame but only if we can get more done and nothing major goes wrong.

How will your industry evolve in the next five years?

According to our predictions, we cannot predict that far but there can be more payment options that will be accepted off course and as the currency changes people will start to have a wider knowledge of the technology they might even explore products of our industry on different platforms and of course marketing of these will have to more cutthroat than today and new marketers have to be more skilled and work smarter to find bugs in the human mind.

The hurdles faced during your journey.

Every single task which I faced till now I considered hurdles, not just the ones I found difficult to deal with but, at the same time, I also enjoy the journey I am going through because every single day I learn something new and get even better by the end of the day. For me, if I see everything as a hurdle, I automatically get my guard up and see it as a fight where I have to do or die. Sooner or later, I overcome it, and the hurdle turns out to be a Stairstep on which I can move Up. 


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