In Conversation  with… Himanshu Jain, Founder, MENSOME.

What was the motivation behind your Startup and what is your startup all about?

Growing personal care/FMCG market on eCommerce and void in men grooming market lead us to fill this gap with natural products. We are into men grooming and accessories products

What are the challenges that you have faced during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Most of our business happens upon e-commerce and delivery of products across all pin codes was a very big challenge. Most of our delivery partners were facing the issue of manpower shortage and due to lockdown across the country, we were not able to fulfill the orders.

What were the financial challenges that you faced from the start-up at the outset?

I bootstrapped my startup with initial savings from my job and the advantage of eCommerce is that rotation of money is very fast and your invested money doesn’t get a block for long.

How do you see your digital presence growing, keeping in mind the current scenario?

We are available on all leading eCommerce portals and we are in process of tying up with middle east Asian and southeast Asian e-commerce marketplaces, which will give our brand presence on an international platform

What is your advice for emerging young entrepreneurs?

There is no secret mantra for success, a “keep going” attitude and a “customer is king” just follow these two philosophies and no one can stop you from winning.

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