In Conversation with… Gaur Hari Pandey, Founder, GHP Digital World.

What was the motivation behind your Start-up and what is your start-up all about?

Coming from small town like Kanpur, what I have noticed here is that every small and big businesses promote their brand only through posters and banners, they are still not know aware about digital marketing. So, to bridge the gap, I thought why not take this service to the people and people should also get a lot of benefit from this in their business.

GHP digital world is a business where we provide all the services related to digital marketing like SEO, SEM, Email marketing, Web designing, and Content marketing.

What are the challenges that you have faced during Covid-19 pandemic?

When I started this business, I had to face a lot of problems, first of all, I used to work keeping myself safe in the midst of this epidemic of corona, but I got my Facebook Ads run while sitting at home and sitting away provided all the facilities to the customers at their own homes.

What were the financial challenges that you faced for the start up at the outset?

When you think of something big, then you have to face a lot of problems, I also had to face many problems but I did not give up and persisted, I bootstrapped my start-up with initial saving from my job so yeah, it was not an easy task in the start but we came around as we are giving something unique in the market.

How do you see your digital presence growing, keeping in mind the current scenario?

If you do any work, there is a problem in the beginning Digital marketing is a very big and vast field, the more you want to know about it, the more you will get interested in it.

What is your advice for emerging young entrepreneurs?

I just believe that no work is small if done with true dedication and hard work, one day you will definitely get success.

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