In Conversation with… Eklovey Verma, Founder, Creating Talks.

What was the motivation behind your Startup and What is your startup all about?

During my college days only, I realized that people can learn well from the experiences of

others. This helped me in forming my venture ‘Creating Talks’. The key motivation behind

our startup is to empower the youth by using experiential-learning-based quality talks.

Our startup ‘Creating Talks’ is a virtual platform where youth can access exclusive

content of Professionals' insights, hacks, tricks, and expertise of domain leaders in the

form of a video. This is helpful for youth tomake wisecareer choices as they are

getting industry insights from the industry people themselves. So, I can say that we are creating an OTT platform, not for entertainment, but learning.

What are the challenges that you have faced during Covid -19 Pandemic?

Before this pandemic, we were conducting offline events in the prestigious colleges of India like IIT Delhi, SRCC, DTU, etc. However, when the world was hit by Covid, it was next to impossible for us to do these offline events. This situation was very difficult for us. We had to re-frame our idea and then we have to entirely shift into digital. During that time, it was the biggest challenge, though today after looking at the abundant opportunities of the digital world, I feel that the entire relaunch is the biggest blessing in disguise and this is going to help us even post-Covid.

What are the Financial challenges that you faced for the start-up at the outset?

Honestly, the funding which we received from the initiative of the Delhi Government was solely not enough to fulfill all our startup needs. Thus, we have to bootstrap. Currently, I as the founder have to use my own money to keep operational activities alive. Because of this, I have to look at other ways of income too. Apart from being an entrepreneur, I have to workwith other organizations to overcome any sort of financial challenges in my startup.

How do you see your digital presence growing, keeping in mind the current scenario? 

This is the era of the digital revolution. Now being an online startup, we see ample opportunities in the digital sector. We are curating talks and able to reach out to maximum people, all possible due to online business. We see significant growth in the order of our content, audience base and our Indian Space Science sector is rapidly growing and has recently seen a surge in the number of private players. The space tech startup ecosystem in India is fairly open-minded and gives the opportunity of growth to all deserving enterprises. Our work does not involve selling a product, and so we don’t claim to compete with any specific company in the market. company’s presence. Things look promising even in the future. Our digital presence is helping us in growing as a full-fledged Ed-Tech organization.

What is your advice for emerging young entrepreneurs??

Every emerging entrepreneur should look for mentors who can act as consultants for them in building their startup. As a business person, if we become rigid towards our idea and not willing to be flexible, it will hamper our results. To grow the startup idea, it is always advisable to take opinions from experienced ones. Initially, I was also not very open to discussing my idea with others, which I consider my mistake. However, when we were relaunching ‘Creating Talks’ as a digital platform, I made sure that I would consult and then build. Overall, this practice is very fruitful even in the long run. Thus, every young entrepreneur must look out for mentors.

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