In Conversation with… Dr. Sumanta Ghosh, Co-Founder, Healthspecifics.



What was the motivation behind your Startup and what is your startup all about?

After completing my Masters of Physiotherapy with specialization in Cardio-Respiratory from the esteemed Jamia Hamdard university, I had worked as a clinician in Max Hospital, Saket, and National Institute of TB & respiratory diseases for 4 years as a clinician serving thousands of patients. Then I moved to the corporate sector for the next seven and half years slowly moving up the corporate ladder, wherein my last role was of a Marketing manager handling a business of 100 crores. But when COVID hit and I saw the suffering of the people during COVID infection as well as after COVID with lakhs people suffering from Post COVID syndrome (breathlessness, weakness, decreased concentration, etc. ), I found my calling and decided to quit my cushy corporate job. I and my wife Dr Indu started Healthspecifics where our motto is ALL ABOUT CARE for our clients. Since our inception we have helped hundreds of our patients & clients to get back to work through our comprehensive and custom-made Pulmonary Rehab Packages, Respiratory care plans, Women’s health Plans, and Physiotherapy services delivered in 5 centers in DELHI -NCR as well as homecare & online sessions.

 What were the challenges that you faced for the startup at the outset?

The most difficult situation while starting up was, I was a founder who was trying to do everything from operations, marketing to HR which was not feasible as well as productive. Took some time to learn from our mistakes and built up a small team 

What are the challenges that you have faced during the Covid-19 pandemic?

With the second COVID wave and lockdown, our clients were very much worried to get treated in our Physical Centers, so we quickly developed online and Hybrid models of service delivery.  

How do you see your digital presence growing, keeping in mind the current scenario? 

We have been continuously working to improve our digital footprints and use technology to deliver our services keeping safety as our primary focus.

What is your advice for emerging young entrepreneurs? 

The most important thing is how our product is taken by the market. The market doesn’t care about your qualification, experience, or enthusiasm it only cares about the quality and effectiveness of your product and services. Customer focus will always remain the key. 


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