In Conversation with… Dr. Monica Singh, Founder, Mother Your Child.


How did you come up with this idea?

The idea of Mother your child (MYC) was born in 2015 when I was doing my pediatric residency. I felt the parents of a child only visited the hospital for an acute illness like breathing difficulty, fever, loose stools, vomiting, seizures, etc; other days to day issues that are part of the child’s existence like irritation, anger, aggression, violence, picky eating, etc are ignored as being part of the growing up process which causes the child to have various behavioral issues in adulthood. This led me to think about holistic child care, where we not only look into the physical well-being of kids but also focus on social, emotional, and mental well-being so that there is no hindrance to their developing mind and body and they function in perfect harmony. We have a team of doctors, medical professionals, technologists, innovators, and parents who are committed to creating the best child care experience for children.


What were the initial struggles?

Well, our startup is still in its infant stage.

  • As the concept of holistic child care does not exist in our country, it is difficult to convince the parents about the need for it. We have started garnering huge support from parents in the past few weeks and we are welcoming new children on our platform every day.
  • Since there are just a handful of women doctors who are entrepreneurs, it was difficult for me to find a mentor to who I could relate and lookup for advice.
  • I have worked in various private and government setups. In the private setup though the parents had the finances they were unaware of the help available to them for dealing with their kids better. In the government set up the parents were unaware of the problems the child is facing, even if they were told about it most of them cited the lack of time and money to take the child to various healthcare professionals.
  • The burden of psychological and nutritional issues in children is quite huge. The parents are not aware of the red flag signs which makes it a little difficult to mark a starting point.


Did you approach investors?

We are in the process of applying for funds. We had friends and family around where we managed to secure some funds which have helped us develop MYC to its present state.


How are the market conditions?

With covid in our lives, virtual healthcare has become a necessity. We are beginning to get a lot of traction and people are becoming more accepting of virtual healthcare. We provide primary, urgent, and holistic healthcare virtually which could not have been possible in the provide era.

The market is forward-looking and I feel there couldn’t be a better time and place to start MYC. 



Advice for startup enthusiasts

Don’t start from a place of greed rather start from a place of compassion. Then and then only you will be able to understand your target group better.

Have a predefined set of values for your company from the very start, it’ll help you face the challenges and disagreements that come with running a startup with ease.


What are your targets five years from now?

  • Opening physical MYC clinics for vaccination and physical examination in tier 1 and 2 cities
  • Delving into obstetrics and gynecology services to cater to the mother and child better
  • Providing holistic healthcare to at least 50M children across the country, both virtually and physically.


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