In Conversation with…  Ayush Saxena, Managing Director, AS Realty


Could you please describe your Professional background

I am a Real estate consultant, have been in this business for a very long time, and have invested a lot of effort into this

Could you please describe the background of your Company?

Our company deals in the sale and purchase of real estate in Delhi and Gurgaon. We provide the best deals across the Delhi areas. We are soon going to expand our business to other areas as well. I find this business good and interesting and thus my company is running well

Who inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

 My friends inspired me to start my venture. They believed and I and I proved to them that they were right about judging my business sense.

Where do you see your company in5 years- 

We plan to scale up and result in 10 times bigger than the current one, we are doing and investing a lot of hard work to be known as a renowned brand.

How did you come up with this idea– 

SINCE I LIKE seeing PROPERTIES AND GOOD INTERIOR, so I thought making my hobby in the profession. Also, I like to say that this business allows me to cater good services to my clients

Any piece of advice for young entrepreneurs– 

Don’t work with your friends if you want to try to maintain your personal and professional life. Take experience before starting the business.

What is the ultimate goal of your company

My answer to this is that I want to be Asia biggest real estate firm and developer

What are the Strengths of your company– 

The only two important things, Goodwill and trust We survived the pandemic Through customer relation and proper follow-up. This helped us and gave us the motivation to keep running even during this tough time.


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