In Conversation with… Ayush Gupta, Founder, Stealth Mode Start-Up.



Tell us about your initial struggles?

Getting students to trust us. Our start-ups coach people to give interviews in top MBA colleges of the world like Stanford, Wharton, Harvard, etc. The edTech sector is saturated in India and competition is tough. Delivering high-quality education and consulting services is the only way to grow.

Tell us something about your Start-up.

I am an independent admission consultant at my start-up. Right from preparation of GMAT to helping students to crack interviews of the top business schools. Recently, 10 MBA graduates from India after working for few years cracked IVY League colleges with my help. 

Few ambitious students are wanting to have their double MBA From colleges like Stanford, Wharton, etc after graduating from top tier Indian colleges like IIM A, IIM B, FMS; most of them hold key positions 

Tell us about the different verticals of your start-up?

Our company is into GMAT Preparation and Admissions Consulting.

What is the most important thing for a start-up to succeed?

Consistency is the key.

What you advise to people, having a start-up or working in a firm?

It matters from person to person, some want to have their venture, much depends on what someone wants in life, a start-up gives oneself the freedom to chose when to work and when to not work. It’s best for people who don’t like taking orders and wants to work without deadlines at one’s own pace. 

Did u guys try to get funds for your start-up?

No, I do not need funds right now. As I provide end-to-end services, my start-up is self-sufficient.

Any start-up idea that motivates you, which u want to try in the future?

No, not, for now, I love teaching and guiding students.

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