In Conversation with… Ashwin Ramesh, Founder, Trook.

Let us know about your journey.
I am a passionate Automotive Engineer and have been working at various companies in both America and India as an Automotive Engineer. With a busy work schedule, I rarely cooked and I mostly ordered from restaurants. Seeing that there were limited options for people who don’t want to cook and live a busy life and did not have many dining options, I decided to create TROOK with a team of three other co-founders. I decided to quit my job in the USA and come back to India to get TROOK off the ground and improve the home dining experience of the general public.

What were the challenges that you faced for the startup at the outset?
The two biggest challenges are finding the correct team and cost management. It’s difficult to find co-founders and a team that is just as passionate as each other equally. However, I am lucky to have found three co-founders who are aligned with TROOK’s vision to improve the home dining experience.

Was COVID 19 a bane or boon for your firm and how?
It was both a bane and a boon. TROOK started with the model to send gourmet chefs to your home to cook you a gourmet meal. However, the second wave created a serious problem for this model.
This downtime during the second wave lockdown allowed us to explore other product lines with vigor. This has now allowed us to launch two more product lines where we also serve ready to eat
meal kits and DIY meal kits which are all aimed towards improving the home dining experience for our fellow TROOKSTERS!

How do you see your digital presence growing, keeping in mind the current scenario?
TROOK launched in Bangalore in Feb 2021. We have a strong community of supporters based in Bengaluru and its followers are continuing to grow. Most of our online presence and user growth is organic and we thank our customers for sharing their positive experiences with their friends and family.
The ultimate goal for our company is to provide multiple options for home dining through our platform. Today in India if you are not in a mood to cook, your options are mostly to order online from a restaurant or other food delivery platforms. We want to create a platform that will improve the home dining experience by providing multiple other options to enjoy a meal at home such as sending a Gourmet Chef home with all the ingredients to cook you a gourmet meal at the convenience of your home.

What is your advice for emerging young entrepreneurs? Ans.
I am a “youngish” Entrepreneur myself, therefore I will just say that Entrepreneurship comes with a lot of risk and self-sacrifice. It is certainly exciting but I recommend talking to another fellow entrepreneur who has been through the journey.

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