In Conversation with… Anvita Srivastava, Counselling Partner, Knitting Minds.



What is the aim of the company?

The firm aims to de-stigmatize mental health in our society, provide mental health services and psycho educate people about the various mental health issues, and providing knowledge and resources to overcome them.

Initial struggles of the company 

• Establish the brand identity among people. 

• Establishing a client base, since due to global pandemic a lot of people were going through financial crises and no one wanted to invest their money on their mental health.

• Managing our stresses during the pandemic.

• managing to provide online facilities to clients.

What you feel about the market conditions 5 years from now?

5 years from now: by the time our brand gets well established, we will be holding workshops to schools, govt/private Org, even at corporate companies regarding mental health and personality building programs. Also, to provide not only mental health but also physical and spiritual services like yoga therapy, mindfulness practices, and special education services for children.


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