In Conversation with… Anuj Sharma, Founder, Dukaan24.



Could you please describe your professional background?


 Please provide us a brief description of your company. 

Ecommerce selling.

 Who inspired you to become an entrepreneur? 

Education and industry knowledge.

 Where could you see your company in 5 years? 

Turnover – Over 2cr.

 How did you come up with this idea? 

Sitting in the college classroom.  

 Any piece of advice for young entrepreneurs 

Listen to your parents but if you have a passion don’t forego it just for the sake of following your parent’s demands just make them understand your plan by working on it and showing results. 

 The ultimate goal of your company?

Provide various Korean and Chinese beauty brands in India at reasonable prices.

 What are the strengths of your company? 

Low input costs because of no need of having a physical establishment.

 How is your company tackling the pandemic situation? 

Working from home and supporting the employee financially despite getting no service from him.



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