In Conversation with… Antriksh Chaudhary &  Syed Farhan Ahmad, Co-Founders, KhelNet

Please tell us about what your start-up is?

KhelNet is a social media platform for sports. You can create a profile and connect. There is a forum/feed to have open discussions about any sports-related queries, you can also access video lessons from top coaches and can also consult with physio and nutritionists on the platform. The goal is to create a community for everyone into sports and make it organized by bringing the digital revolution into this segment. Initially, we will be starting with a beta version with limited features.

 What are the hurdles that your start-up faced in the initial stage?

The initial problem that we faced was to timely execute and this was mostly because we were not able to make a good tech team, so the development process was slow initially. But we are fortunate to have an amazing team now.

How important is teamwork in starting any start-up and how would you describe your team?

I feel the team is everything. No individual no matter how skillful he/she is can work alone. Different minds bring new ideas and perspectives towards the business when the founder alone is seeing the business with only his/her perspective. As important it is to work together with seriousness, it is equally important to share useless or informal information, this helps a team to bond, and a team that bonds is very productive and successful together. My team is very hardworking and committed to the product and it is mostly because of the bonding that we share. Especially my co-founder who has been taking care of the development cycle of the product, I wouldn’t be able to do it without him.

What differentiates your start-up from other players in the market?

KhelNet is focused on building a community of sports that has been hardly implemented or tried by any other company. Our focus is not only athlete-centric; we are committed to provide a platform for everyone into sports and create a mutually beneficial environment.

 What were the setbacks that your start-up faced because of Covid-19?

Due to covid 19, we had to stop our networking process with athletes and coaches which is a big part of our product and many of our developers were covid positive but thankfully they are all fine now. Our social media content also got very affected due to this pandemic.

 What does the future look like for in the coming years?

Our long-term goal is to make KhelNet a community in which everyone can grow together. We plan to make it a one-stop destination for all your networking, queries regarding your game diet or anything, a platform to highlight your talent, and a platform to learn.

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