In Conversation with… Antesh Anand, CEO, Flipsoft Technologies limited.



Why should one start his own company?

Starting a business is always full of adventures because of many reasons. But when you have an idea and vision to solve real-life problems or any business problem in a better manner then you can put your efforts to do that. I remember I was in the final year of my engineering when I started Flipsoft. Choosing between opting for a job in MNCs and having my startup with no financial backup was the hardest decision. 

Initial Struggles 

Initially finding the right people, building a sustainable team who doesn’t only work for money but also believe in your idea and share the same vision. Having a self-motivated team is very important while it comes to building a successful startup or business. We struggled a lot to create the right team, set up the standard process and systems. 

Your current state of the firm 

Now after working with 100+ clients from all around the world for the last five years we build a system to offer a seamless experience to our clients and employees as well. In starting phase of our business had the same issue that most startups go through. Finding the right customer, building the brand, reaching the right audience, giving seamless customer support was a big challenge than delivering quality work. 

What is your Tagline?

As our Tagline is “Accelerating ROI” our goal is to support 1 million businesses to #GoDigital and Accelerating their business revenue using the right technology. 

What motivates you?

As an early-stage entrepreneur and founder of 3 companies, I would like to suggest one thing to the young aspiring entrepreneurs that Everything can be monetized in this digital age, so they need to identify their purpose and fulfill it using their passion because following passion is very important. You can only work without money and be happy when you will do the things you love to do. 

Advice to juniors 

Close your eyes and think about the things you can do for 12-15 hr a day without being tired. You will be successful one day. 


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