In Conversation with… Abhishek Aggarwal, CEO/ Co-Founder, The Grivaa Capital.



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Abhishek Aggarwal 

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A financial services and wealth management company catering to Capita Markets primarily 

Who inspired you to become an entrepreneur? *

Desire to excel in Capital Markets 

Where could you see your company in 5 years? *

A large company with a strong brand name and to be known for our Capital Market Research and investment philosophy 

How did you come up with this idea? *

The idea was to convert my passion into a profession

Any piece of advice for young entrepreneurs *

Don’t become an entrepreneur with the only purpose of making money 

The ultimate goal of your company *

To help people make money from capital markets 

What are the strengths of your company? *

Focused, Passion and Integrity

How is your company tackling the pandemic situation? *

Adoption of digital tools and technologies 


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