In Conversation With….Abhinav Singh,Founder,Reca Solutions Private Limited

Could you please describe your professional background *


Who inspired you to become an entrepreneur? 

Elon Musk

Where could you see your company in 5 years? 

To be one of India’s unicorn company

How did you come up with this idea? 

I got this idea during my college days while doing engineering projects. I saw good potential in this market and then looked into it further.

Any piece of advice for young entrepreneurs?

To all the upcoming entrepreneurs; remember to be passionate and be in the game as long as it takes and never forget why you started, in the first place.

The ultimate goal of your company?

The ultimate goal will always be to serve the nation, the people, and all the other stakeholders at their best.

What are the strengths of your company? 

Be it the old age era or modern-day world, innovation will always be the key.

How is your company tackling the pandemic situation? 

Using digital technology at its best and coming up with new models to serve all our stakeholders better.

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